Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good times!

Gabi was loving me up the morning before her first day of preschool. She had woken up way too early, so by the time Preschool was starting, she was ready for a nap and wouldn't take any good pics! Hey...I'll take all the loving I can get. When we went to meet her teacher a couple of days before, she said, "Mom, can you just drop me off and go get lunch with Dad or something?" No love on Tuesday, but lots of love on Thursday when it was drop off time!

Papi and Grandma came to watch the girls while K.C. and I had our meeting. We took them to our favorite breakfast place, Egg Plantation and the girls basically ate all of Papi's strawberry french toast! Thanks for sharing!

Liv at school after her first day of Kindergarten. Look at that bookbag baby!

Grandma after I drug her to Cardio Barre...she is looking HOT in that workout stuff:) Our girls sure miss you!

Big Girl Gabi hydrating at school. This girl was walking around like she owned the school with her water bottle in one hand and her sunglasses in the other. Feeling good! She is such a happy little girl!

How cute are these two? They are just the best of friends...where there is one, there is the other!

We took the girls to Santa Monica to the LA Temple. We picked up dinner and were able to go through the new visitor's center. It is unbelieveable! They have a whole area for the kids and tons of interactive learning tools about the Temple, Service that the Church provides all over the World and quotes surrounding the whole place from Prophets. They also have The Christus set up right in front of huge open windows so its the first thing you see pulling up. Talk about a place to feel the Spirit! The girls just loved it. We walked all around the temple grounds singing songs and looking at all the beautiful details all around the Temple. I'm so thankful we live close enough to a Temple to go and do these types of things!

Our lives are so busy but when we snuggle up at night as a family before bed...we feel so grateful for all we have been blessed with....A Healthy Family!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Olivia goes to KINDERGARTEN!

Today was my little Angel's first day of kindergarten. I was a little nervous considering Liv prefers to wake up around 9 and she had to be in her classroom at 7:50! We don't even pick her up until 1:45...long day for a little girl!

It was seriously the cutest thing to see her get dressed, put on this huge backpack that is almost as big as her, make her a lunch with her favorite things and see her basically ignore K.C. and I while we were in her classroom. She is already claiming her independence at age 4! She had such a fun time and we love her teacher, Mrs. Bague.

Start with a healthy breakfast...BRAIN POWER!

We had to get all angles of her new backpack...that thing is HUGE! Seriously, why would a kindergarten student need a bookbag that big?? But, I'm just following instructions:)

Gabi was sad to see her Sister leave her, but we took her to a special breakfast to make up for it. She couldn't even come with us to drop her off, but she came to pick Liv up. She was so cute looking for Olivia everywhere! So sweet!

The walk to school is up a huge hill...hey, a little extra exercise is good for us! From now on, we have to just drop her off in front of the gate...we can't take her to her classroom...Crazy how times have changed!!

Liv in her classroom...23 KIDS, 1 TEACHER! WOW...we will be volunteering A LOT!

We had just come back to the classroom after an orientation. We had to stand on the line! The teacher asked us if the orientation was fun and K.C. blurts out, "No, not at all!" I mean, really? I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I told him he wasn't allowed to stand by me anymore:) All the parents laughed and when the teacher went back in the classroom, they all agreed, it was NOT fun! Count on K.C. to say what everyone is thinking...Oh My!

We did get a little wave as Liv walked out of class to go play. Other than that, she was trying to shy away from us...just being a big girl, doing her thing at school. When we picked her up, we asked her what she learned and she said, "RECESS!" LOVE IT! Can't wait to hear about all the fun things she will learn this year:)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farewell Uncle Cam!

Sorry for the massive amount of pics...but we had a little farewell of our own for Camron before he leaves on his mission. It is hard to believe that Gabi will be 4 and Liv will be 6 when Cam gets home from Orlando. We are so proud of him for dedicating the next two years to share the Gospel. It is a blessing to us all and we want everyone to know about our Savior! The girls just adore him and will miss him so very much! Thanks for coming out! We love you!

We are so happy Jared, Nicole and Graham could all come out. It was so fun to be together...if only we were neighbors! Hey...more of a possibility now more than ever! We miss you all!

Gabi's turn...

Oh my little Gabi. She is just a bundle of love. This girl is growing up so fast...much due to having an older sister as her best friend. Gabi is so excited to start preschool. When we drop Olivia off, she will hear the songs they are seeing and say, "Mom, I know that song...I'm ready for preschool. When can I start?"

Gabi loves to play with Olivia, but she also loves doing her own thing. She will go in her room and play for hours. She has the best imagination. I hear her telling her babies all kinds of stories and she makes us all types of games to entertain herself. I think she likes everything being on her terms...she tries that with Olivia and it doesn't work all the time, but when she plays by herself...she is always the boss!

Let me give you an example of Gab...just tonight at dinner, Gabi started singing, "I'm a bad girl but its okay"...that just about sums it up. I will say, "Gabi, stop doing that" and she will continue to do what I asked her not to do and say, "Mom, I'm not doing anything." Then, when I go to put her in time out she will say, "Okay Mom, I'll go but just for a minute okay?" or "just one time okay Mom" Again, she likes things on her own terms. Lately, she does this thing where she mouths what she is saying to try to get out of things...I will say, "Gabi stop playing with the water" and she will tilt her head and squint her eyes and start mouthing something...just another compromise in the works I'm sure:)

We call Gabi "DIVA" or "DM" because she is either in Diva mode or trying to operate as a manager telling everyone what to do. We tried to get her to play soccer and after about 5 minutes she is asking for her sunglasses and a snack. The girl can dribble like no other...we just have to work on the rest! Funny though, because you have to basically bribe this girl to get on anything other than her jammies and her stilletto flip flops. She likes to be comfy...but she rocks the shoes...I get that!

Every morning she comes into my bed and says, "Mom, can I come snuggle with you for a little bit?" Who can say no to that?! She always has to have her love and kiss goodnight. Gabi is a little ham and adds lots of spice to our life. We just adore her!

Olivia is growing up!

I have been the worst Mom! The girls are growing up so fast and I have to do a better job documenting all the things they say and do...some things you never want to forget!

Olivia: My Liv seriously acts like an adult. She is starting to realize how much of an example she is to Gabi. She really takes on more of a "mother" role unless she just wants a partner in crime! I am so happy she gets to be a "big sister" because from the looks of it, Gabi is gonna need one!

Something has clicked for Olivia in sports. All of a sudden she is dominating in soccer, taking people on, playing defense, passing the ball, getting open and being aggressive. I was a little worried at first because she didn't seem to have that "fire" when she was playing sports because she didn't want to hurt anyone or be mean. Now, she has figured out how to be competitive and sweet! K.C. has been playing baseball with her and its unbelievable the improvement in just a few times. She is catching, throwing and hitting the ball like a rockstar! She is still moving up the ranks in Karate and I honestly cannot say enough good things about incorporating that into her life. It has done wonders for her shyness, confidence and ability to be a leader.

I love the fact that Olivia is so sporty yet she can come home and go straight to diva princess. This girl can DANCE! She has all the words memorized to her favorite songs including the entire Squeakquel soundtrack. She is working on her dance moves copying the is hilarious. She will put on sunglasses and strut her stuff all over the house.

Her desire to learn and understand things is so exciting to me. The questions never end and she is like a little sponge just memorizing it all. Her preschool teacher is very impressed with her and says she is ready for Kindergarten. It is hard to believe she will be starting full time school in the fall. She is ready for it...its just K.C., Gabi and I that are gonna cry! She loves to tell everybody about Jesus and helps out all the time. She really does try to make the right choices...she is an example to us all.

This girl is growing like a weed...she can eat like an adult...and she does! She is my healthy girl. All her pants are getting too short. Time to roll them up!! We love our Livvy are my Angel!