Thursday, August 12, 2010

Olivia goes to KINDERGARTEN!

Today was my little Angel's first day of kindergarten. I was a little nervous considering Liv prefers to wake up around 9 and she had to be in her classroom at 7:50! We don't even pick her up until 1:45...long day for a little girl!

It was seriously the cutest thing to see her get dressed, put on this huge backpack that is almost as big as her, make her a lunch with her favorite things and see her basically ignore K.C. and I while we were in her classroom. She is already claiming her independence at age 4! She had such a fun time and we love her teacher, Mrs. Bague.

Start with a healthy breakfast...BRAIN POWER!

We had to get all angles of her new backpack...that thing is HUGE! Seriously, why would a kindergarten student need a bookbag that big?? But, I'm just following instructions:)

Gabi was sad to see her Sister leave her, but we took her to a special breakfast to make up for it. She couldn't even come with us to drop her off, but she came to pick Liv up. She was so cute looking for Olivia everywhere! So sweet!

The walk to school is up a huge hill...hey, a little extra exercise is good for us! From now on, we have to just drop her off in front of the gate...we can't take her to her classroom...Crazy how times have changed!!

Liv in her classroom...23 KIDS, 1 TEACHER! WOW...we will be volunteering A LOT!

We had just come back to the classroom after an orientation. We had to stand on the line! The teacher asked us if the orientation was fun and K.C. blurts out, "No, not at all!" I mean, really? I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I told him he wasn't allowed to stand by me anymore:) All the parents laughed and when the teacher went back in the classroom, they all agreed, it was NOT fun! Count on K.C. to say what everyone is thinking...Oh My!

We did get a little wave as Liv walked out of class to go play. Other than that, she was trying to shy away from us...just being a big girl, doing her thing at school. When we picked her up, we asked her what she learned and she said, "RECESS!" LOVE IT! Can't wait to hear about all the fun things she will learn this year:)


Anonymous said...

Awe, so cute and SO grown up. Miss Independent for sure! And with KC's comment, we wonder where she gets it from right? Love you guys! xoxo

Breklyn said...

That was from me, don't know why it says anonymous?? - Brek