Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farewell Uncle Cam!

Sorry for the massive amount of pics...but we had a little farewell of our own for Camron before he leaves on his mission. It is hard to believe that Gabi will be 4 and Liv will be 6 when Cam gets home from Orlando. We are so proud of him for dedicating the next two years to share the Gospel. It is a blessing to us all and we want everyone to know about our Savior! The girls just adore him and will miss him so very much! Thanks for coming out! We love you!

We are so happy Jared, Nicole and Graham could all come out. It was so fun to be together...if only we were neighbors! Hey...more of a possibility now more than ever! We miss you all!


mistyb said...

you r girls are so cute! i loved reading the updates on them! Looks like you guys are having fun and doing well down in so cal! One of these days I swear we are going to meet up again. :) maybe this summer! I am trying to find a time to go to San Diego so we'll have to stop on our way down or on the way back up!

Nicole Moultrie said...

Funnest trip ever! Great post, we sure love and miss you all too! Hopefully see you sooner than later. Love ya! Thanks for housing and taking such good care of us too!