Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gabi's turn...

Oh my little Gabi. She is just a bundle of love. This girl is growing up so fast...much due to having an older sister as her best friend. Gabi is so excited to start preschool. When we drop Olivia off, she will hear the songs they are seeing and say, "Mom, I know that song...I'm ready for preschool. When can I start?"

Gabi loves to play with Olivia, but she also loves doing her own thing. She will go in her room and play for hours. She has the best imagination. I hear her telling her babies all kinds of stories and she makes us all types of games to entertain herself. I think she likes everything being on her terms...she tries that with Olivia and it doesn't work all the time, but when she plays by herself...she is always the boss!

Let me give you an example of Gab...just tonight at dinner, Gabi started singing, "I'm a bad girl but its okay"...that just about sums it up. I will say, "Gabi, stop doing that" and she will continue to do what I asked her not to do and say, "Mom, I'm not doing anything." Then, when I go to put her in time out she will say, "Okay Mom, I'll go but just for a minute okay?" or "just one time okay Mom" Again, she likes things on her own terms. Lately, she does this thing where she mouths what she is saying to try to get out of things...I will say, "Gabi stop playing with the water" and she will tilt her head and squint her eyes and start mouthing something...just another compromise in the works I'm sure:)

We call Gabi "DIVA" or "DM" because she is either in Diva mode or trying to operate as a manager telling everyone what to do. We tried to get her to play soccer and after about 5 minutes she is asking for her sunglasses and a snack. The girl can dribble like no other...we just have to work on the rest! Funny though, because you have to basically bribe this girl to get on anything other than her jammies and her stilletto flip flops. She likes to be comfy...but she rocks the shoes...I get that!

Every morning she comes into my bed and says, "Mom, can I come snuggle with you for a little bit?" Who can say no to that?! She always has to have her love and kiss goodnight. Gabi is a little ham and adds lots of spice to our life. We just adore her!