Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good times!

Gabi was loving me up the morning before her first day of preschool. She had woken up way too early, so by the time Preschool was starting, she was ready for a nap and wouldn't take any good pics! Hey...I'll take all the loving I can get. When we went to meet her teacher a couple of days before, she said, "Mom, can you just drop me off and go get lunch with Dad or something?" No love on Tuesday, but lots of love on Thursday when it was drop off time!

Papi and Grandma came to watch the girls while K.C. and I had our meeting. We took them to our favorite breakfast place, Egg Plantation and the girls basically ate all of Papi's strawberry french toast! Thanks for sharing!

Liv at school after her first day of Kindergarten. Look at that bookbag baby!

Grandma after I drug her to Cardio Barre...she is looking HOT in that workout stuff:) Our girls sure miss you!

Big Girl Gabi hydrating at school. This girl was walking around like she owned the school with her water bottle in one hand and her sunglasses in the other. Feeling good! She is such a happy little girl!

How cute are these two? They are just the best of friends...where there is one, there is the other!

We took the girls to Santa Monica to the LA Temple. We picked up dinner and were able to go through the new visitor's center. It is unbelieveable! They have a whole area for the kids and tons of interactive learning tools about the Temple, Service that the Church provides all over the World and quotes surrounding the whole place from Prophets. They also have The Christus set up right in front of huge open windows so its the first thing you see pulling up. Talk about a place to feel the Spirit! The girls just loved it. We walked all around the temple grounds singing songs and looking at all the beautiful details all around the Temple. I'm so thankful we live close enough to a Temple to go and do these types of things!

Our lives are so busy but when we snuggle up at night as a family before bed...we feel so grateful for all we have been blessed with....A Healthy Family!


Nicole Moultrie said...

Some of the sweetest pictures ever! Love you all!